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If you decide to build Procut I now offer a hardware package which can save you a considerable amount of cost and also time. This package also upgrades Procut from the standard components of ¾” to h/d 1” components.  This hardware package I supply not only makes sure you get the right parts at a good price but also allows you to concentrate on building Procut saving you some time shopping around.

In the last 16 years and over 5000 Procuts built now by customers there has always been a steady supply of the hardware at a good price and easy availability in all regions of Canada, the U.S. and other countries. This is slowly changing due to the emergence of China as a growing market. Prices are rising slowly and some companies are taking advantage of this and over charging for the hardware components needed to build Procut.

So I decided to put together this saw frame hardware package from my suppliers at a very good price for you. This package is at a low cost because of the quantity I can purchase per year and I am passing those savings on to you.

By all means once you have received the plans you can shop around and price parts out and if you can buy them locally at a good price, then do so.
I am just here to help you have a good experience building Procut in the shortest time and at the least cost to you, to make things a little easier. By purchasing the hardware package you will not only upgrade Procut to a very h/d sawmill but you will also save on the total cost of building Procut.

The Sawframe Hardware Package Includes

2 - 1 inch Main sprockets   36 tooth for main redi rod
4 - 1 inch main pillow block bearings  for main redi rod
2 - B7  1 inch main redi rod for thickness of cut
2 - 1 inch  connecting nuts for connection of chainsaw
1 - package 10ft easy roll chain for main sprockets
4 - solid steel hub pulleys for saw frame wheels
1 - 5/8th sprocket 36 tooth for 4 turns to the inch (thickness of cut)
1 - 1 inch sprocket 18 tooth for 4 turns to the inch (thickness of cut)
2 - 5/8th pillow block bearings for 4 turns to the inch (thickness of cut)
1 - 5/8th redi rod for 4 turns to the inch (thickness of cut)

All the above are H/D, the main 1 inch redi rod is B7 the best you can buy and zinc coated.

There are also 7 packages of grade #8 bolts, nuts and washers, 3/8th to 1 inch.
The package above lets you concentrate on building Procut and I guarantee that they are the best money can buy at considerable less cost than buying just grade #2 or grade #5 on the standard size of ¾”

All you need to purchase elsewhere is:
Steel - Auto scissor jacks - Trailer kit (suppliers and info in the plans)

Canadian and U.S. customers ordering by credit card on the website:
Price on the hardware package is $454 u.s.d. including delivery to your door and insurance.
The same for Canadian customers.

By Mail
For U.S. customers price is $454.00 u.s.d.
For Canadian customers price is $425 Canadian

Payment can be made by bank draft, U.S. international postal money order, Canada post money order, certified cheque, or any form of prepaid.

TO ORDER BY CREDIT CARD JUST CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO 2CO ORDER PAGE Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Procut Mobile Sawmills.

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