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Take a look at the figures below and see how you can do this at a very affordable cost.


No need to quit your job, you can make this extra income 1 or 2 hours per evening, on the weekend or holidays.

You can do this do not let anyone tell you it cannot be done. It takes very little experience to turn a small log and square it off making 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" or larger or to cut through a log and turn it into lumber.

Of course to produce quality graded lumber is a lot harder to do and you do need a lot of experience, but this is not what you need to produce.

These are the average prices of lumber, posts and beams across the U.S.A. and Canada taken from several different states and provinces like Lowes, Home Depot, and lumber yards. You can check these prices yourselves.

2" x 6" .68 cents per foot 16 foot   $10.88
2" x 8" .88 cents per foot 16 foot   $14.08
2" x 10" $1.12 per foot 16 foot   $17.92
2" x 12" $1.41 per foot 16 foot   $22.56
4" x 4" $1.56 per foot 16 foot   $24.96
6" x 6" $3.12 per foot 16 foot   $49.92
8" x 8" $5.62 per foot 16 foot   $90.00

Even if you sold the above for 50% off the retail price that still would bring in a lot of extra income and bring you customers also because of the prices.

Also keep in mind that anything over 20 feet long commands a very high price. Check this out and see what a 24 foot 6" x 6" costs. You can do quite a few per day or in the evening or on the weekend.

If you take a look at my production page and you only did a fraction of this you would still have a very good extra income.

When selling to the general public like neighbours or friends etc, you do not need to have knowledge of grades of lumber. All the average public wants to see is nice straight and square lumber, beams, or posts.

You do not need to produce a lot, just a few good size beams per weekend can bring in hundreds of extra dollars for you. Most of the time all you do is sell to local people around you. Once it is known you are selling lumber, they come to you. If you did only 10 per weekend that is a lot of extra income.

See how quick that can be done on the video. Time the cut from beginning to the end and you will see it takes 30 to 40 seconds per cut and if you times that by 4 to make a beam that is only 2 .5 minutes, then add on loading the log and setting the log dogs and turning the log you can see that even if it took you 5 minutes to load the log plus add 2.5 minutes for actually cutting you can make a beam in say 8 minutes. A beam 16ft long could bring in at least $32. You could do at least 4 in the evening and more on the weekend.

If you do not have timber on your property you can always put an ad in a local paper or social media . You can offer to purchase logs at a certain cost per foot and most of the time people will bring you logs in a pick up and they can go 12ft in length. Considering you are not buying large logs these are actually quite easy to load. Like I said before you only need a few at a time.

There is always the possibility to sell to a lot of different places. Trucking places are always replacing the decks especially on trailers that haul equipment and there are thousands of those companies. Mobile home dealers also purchase larger beams for blocking and there are a lot of those dealers around also. House moving companies, construction companies, the list goes on and on.

If you build Procut as a stationary sawmill the cost to build is much lower, (around $800) and your length of beams and lumber can now be longer which brings in a much larger amount because anything over 20ft is at a premium price.

I do have some 75 foot Procuts in Australia and Africa building bridge timbers and in Africa they have 2 saw frames at each end so they can cut 2 logs at once.

Please read all you can on my website. I am sure you can do this even without any experience at all. I am always available for help or advice and i answer all emails within 6 hours, unless it is overnight.....
Think about this carefully and just think what you could do with all those extra dollars coming in.


Like anything else to earn money you have to have some investment in building the sawmill. It is extremely easy with my plans. There is a step by step written text with a diagram and photo to match each step. The cost to build is around $1300 plus a chainsaw but this is recouped with your sales. As I previously mentioned it can be as low as $800 if you have a stationary sawmill.

There are now over 7000 owner built Procut sawmills worldwide in the last 27 years, most have been built by customers with little or no experience, you can too.

The plans are very easy to use, not blueprints. Just a step by easy step of written text describing exactly how and with a diagram and photo to match each step.

Order the plans and get started and I am always here for any help or advice you may need. I stay with you from start to finish and I even still give advice long after you have built Procut.

Work safe

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