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Procut Portable Sawmills: Home page for our site

Sawmills: Details, Specifications and Information about the Saw Mill

Sawmill Plans: an example of procedures and diagrams included in our plans

FAQ's about our Sawmill: Questions about our Sawmill plans are answered

Sawmill Production: Lumber Mill Production Record for the Procut Portable Sawmill

Air Drying Lumber: How to Stack and Air Dry Lumber

Bandsaw Mills: Comparison of Bandsaw Mills versus Chainsaw Mills

Helpful Advice: Chainsaw chart, Gas/Oil Mixtures and Lumber Tables

Sawmilling Logs: Advice on how to use your portable mill to its best advantage

Chainsaw Comparison: Compare different brands of chainsaws used in portable mills: Stihl VS Husqvarna

Chainsaw Mixing Charts: Gas to Oil fuel mixture in gallons and litres for chainsaws

Workshop Plans for Buildings: Tips on building barns, sheds and more...

Lumber Tables: Board foot measure conversion tables, dimensional lumber data

Double Ended Sawbars: Advice on using double sawbars on Alaskan sawmills and Procut

Work Shop Shelving: How to build cheap, fast shelving - any size

Logging Stories and Laughs: Stories of working in the bush, logging and heli logging - comedy / accidents

Chainsaws for Sawmills: We retail large chainsaws for use in our mill - please see new page on info

References: Testimonials and comments from Procut Sawmill owners

Portable Sawmill Pictures: photos of home built Procut Sawmills

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PROCUT Portable Sawmills
2468 McBride Crescent
Prince George, B.C. Canada V2M 2A1
Phone: 1-250-562-6422 or Contact Us


Build it yourself plans by Procut Portable Sawmills for an affordable portable sawmill
Our sawmill can cut any size lumber and converts to a towable trailer in minutes.

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