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The Saw MillPROCUT PORTABLE SAWMILL is precision heavy duty piece of machinery constructed out of mostly 1/8 to ¼ inch steel. It will last a lifetime with little or no maintenance.
It is designed with one thought in mind and that is to keep it simple. The sawmill you can construct cuts over 16 foot long logs and up to 24 inches in diameter and provides very precise lumber and beams. It uses a push system with a chainsaw rigidly mounted inside a frame which runs on rails. Height adjustment for lumber thickness is accomplished with spiral rods inter-connected by sprockets and chain. Most chainsaws have the cutting chain turning over 80 feet per second at full throttle, making the smoothest cut you have ever seen.

Similar to the Alaskan Mill our portable chainsaw mill is fully adjustable to accept all chainsaws and different lengths of bars. It also mounts and dismounts in two minutes or less, letting you use the chainsaw elsewhere. The saw cutting frame removes in less than one minute converting this mill into a 20 foot trailer. The saw mill cuts both ways. The saw cutting bar is rigidly supported on both ends giving precise cuts. A hand push system is used so you can feel when you hit a knot and slow down for a smoother cut. The mill has six stabilizers, fully adjustable for uneven terrain and with built in jacks for center stabilizers and removing the wheels. The mill has toe boards at both ends to level the logs, and log dogs for holding the log and adjusting it vertically and horizontally. The mill is fully balanced so you can move it effortlessly when off the vehicle. Designed to sit close to the ground you can easily load logs by hand. You can cut very precise lumber or beams. For example, in really good logs I have cut 3,000 board feet of lumber in one day, which is equivalent to 188 - 2 x 6 x 16 feet boards. Please check my production page for average per day.

You will be very proud of your finished portable chainsaw mill, and friends and family will be amazed at your accomplishment
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PROCUT Portable Sawmills
2468 McBride Crescent
Prince George, B.C. Canada V2M 2A1
Phone: 1-250-562-6422 or Contact Us


Build it yourself plans by Procut Portable Sawmills for an affordable portable sawmill
Our sawmill can cut any size lumber and converts to a towable trailer in minutes.

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