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Do you need affordable work shop shelving in your garage workshop etc, that is easy to build and affordable. We all know how expensive it is and here is an easy cheap way to do it.

This is based on 3ft high shelving and 3ft wide, 2ft deep, as many shelves as you want and all adjustable for height. With this system you can also build a lot taller, wider, deeper.

All you need is 4 pieces of  ¾” threaded rod ( redi rod ) available at any home building supply, hardware store etc, nuts and flat washers to match. You will need 8 nuts and 16 washers per shelf.  You will also need 4 long connecting nuts. The threaded rod usually comes in 3ft lengths but can be bought much longer for taller shelves. Shelving can be ¾” plywood, fiberboard,  thin steel etc.

All you need to do is cut your shelving to the size you want, all the shelving should be the same size. Lay the shelving you have cut on top of each other and clamp together. Measure in about 1” on all four corners for light loads, 1 ½” for heavier loads, and then drill through all the shelving using a 13/16” drill bit.

On all 4 redi rod place a nut first and then a flat washer about 4” onto the redi rod. Then place 1 shelf, then another flat washer and then a nut. This will be your bottom shelf. Then thread on the long connecting nuts, these are the feet and are used for leveling, you can save some cost here if your floor is level already, then you can use just standard nuts. To save a little time later you can measure all this from the bottom of the redi rod, this saves a little time later leveling the shelf. Just tighten the nuts finger tight to the shelf.
You should now have the 4 redi rod sticking up with the bottom shelf in place. Just install nuts and flat washers on top of the nuts  on the redi rod for the next shelf, again only finger tight on the nuts. Just keep adding nuts, then washers and then shelves and washers and nuts again for the spacing you want on the shelves,  keep doing this until you have all the shelves in place. The very top shelf measure down for the nuts and washers and then you can tighten the top shelf and the bottom shelf. This will stiffen up the shelving unit and you can then level it with the bottom nuts. Now you can make sure the unit is level and also all the shelves, just adjust the nuts to level each shelf. Then you can tighten up the whole assembly with a wrench, make sure you tighten both the top and bottom nut at each shelf.

This shelving unit will take about 1 hour to accomplish and will be very affordable.

You can make much taller shelving units by either purchasing longer threaded rod or using the standard 3ft lengths from the store and join with long connecting nuts. You can also make much longer shelving by just adding redi rod every 3 to 4 ft depending on the weight you are going to have on the shelves.

This also works for making roll away shelves, tool carts, welding carts etc. Just install 360 degree dolly wheels on the bottom.

Use your imagination. Computers are nice but using our God given brain is much better….smile.

Allan at Procut

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